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Source. Sell. Repeat.

It’s hard to find viable products to sell online. You’re not alone, the top reason why former sellers stopped selling on Amazon is that they didn’t find the right product.

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Stop selling unviable products

56% of failed Amazon stores failed because they we’re not selling the right product. Together with Revam product finder you increase your chances of success.

No more hired online product hunters

The existing tools out there don’t match the products with their supplier. Spending time and money on product hunters is inefficient and costly. Let our AI do the hunting for you.

Know your expected profit

With the Revam profit calculator you can see your expected net profit before you commit to sourcing the product.

It's time for a game changer

Leverage the power of Revam and use it to scale your
business and sell more and better products than ever before!
Get up to 800 matched results for free

One comes with another.

If a product has a great user rating, you also know the manufacturers quality is great.

Use the product to your benefit

Make a small iteration of the product for private label or sell it as it is under the same listing.

Reviews are important

Since you know the users love the product. You can rest at ease that your product will sell and generate reviews for your store.

Marketplace diversification

If you have a customer verified product, you can sell it through any channel. Active on Shopify/Walmart/Instagram or your town square? No problem, sell it anywhere!
Get up to 800 matched results for free

Our pledge to you

We at Revam started as Amazon sellers ourselves. So the struggles that every merchant goes through is shared between us. We pledge to listen to you. Find a cool feature you’d like? Let us know and we’ll look into it. To work close with our community is paramount for us.
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Get up to 800 matched results for free


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