top trending products to sale on amazon as a merchant this christmas

Top trending Christmas products for 2023: A merchant’s guide to successful Holiday sales

top trending products to sale on amazon as a merchant this christmas

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching, and as a merchant, you have the perfect opportunity to maximize your profits. This year, the trend is starting earlier than ever, and high-income shoppers are ready to spend. By offering the right products, you can ensure that your business stands out.

Whether you specialize in private label, wholesale, dropshipping, or the Amazon FBA/FBM game, we’ve got the top trending product ideas for 2023 that will surely attract eager holiday shoppers. To make the most of this festive season, focus on quality, branding and providing a seamless shopping experience.

Prepare to fill up your retail shelves with an assortment of top-tier Christmas products and confidently pursue your holiday sales objectives. 

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Choosing the best Christmas products effortlessly with the Product Sniper

In this section, we will explore Christmas decorations and demonstrate how Revam, your partner in reverse sourcing, can assist you in uncovering the ideal products to maximize your profitability.

The market for home decor and Christmas items, while seasonal and requiring careful product selection and timing as we mentioned in other post, can be a profitable venture for astute merchants.

With the Product Sniper tool at your disposal, you can readily identify current trends and locate the top suppliers. Within moments, our AI-powered tool not only presents the most suitable options but also calculates potential profit margins, providing you with the information necessary for well-informed decisions and maintain your competitive advantage.


Product Opportunities

Colorful solar lights

These awesome solar lights are currently being sold for $54.99 USD, and thanks to the Product Sniper, we’ve uncovered that they can be sourced from Alibaba for a mere $3.21 USD. This price difference can be definitely be taken advantage of and generate revenue.

Profit Margin: The potential profit margin per unit is substantial. It amounts to $51.78 USD ($54.99 – $3.21), representing a gross profit of 94%.

Revam’s support goes beyond profit optimization. It extends to ensuring sourcing reliability. The platform actively curates suppliers, ensuring they not only offer competitive pricing but also boast strong reputations and positive feedback from fellow buyers. With Revam, you can confidently navigate both profit and sourcing decisions.

Inflatable Christmas snowman

This product is currently listed at $48.99 in the retail market. However, if we access Revam’s platform and use the  Product Sniper feature, by pasting the link as indicated below, we can acquire the identical item from the source for only $16. This price difference underscores a significant profit potential.

Fillable Christmas ornament

As we can see below from a snap taken from Revam’s platform this product is currently being offered in the market for $9.96 USD. However, the Product Sniper tool has revealed that these ornaments can be sourced from Alibaba for as low as $0.21 USD. This substantial price difference presents a lucrative sourcing opportunity.
Upon further examination of the link provided to the manufacturer by the Product Sniper, it becomes evident that the supplier imposes a minimum order quantity of 1000 items. Which we would manually input on the platform. 
Additionally, as users we would be able to include on the platform freight costs, tax duties, and return percentages. As well as being able to select their preferred fulfillment method, which includes FBA, FBM, or no fulfillment at all.

Get up to 400 matched product results for free with our 7-Day Free Trial.


Birch tree light
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Christmas star string lights
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Artificial Christmas tree
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Christmas lights decorations
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To help you achieve your holiday sales objectives and effortlessly discover the perfect products, we introduced Revam’s Product Sniper. You give us the product link, we find the suppliers and show your expected profit in minutes. No more wasting time and money on Product Hunters. 

We’ve showcased some compelling product opportunities, highlighting the vast business opportunity between market prices and Alibaba sourcing costs. From colorful solar lights to fillable Christmas ornaments and birch tree lights, these examples underscore the potential for substantial profit margins.

With Revam’s support extending beyond profit optimization to ensuring sourcing reliability, you can confidently navigate your holiday sales journey, make well-informed decisions, and maintain your competitive advantage.

Get started now!  We have a free 7-Day trial, link below. 

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